Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights!

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibits privately owned businesses that serve the public from discriminating against individuals with disabilities. Such establishments include: restaurants, retail stores, taxicabs, movie theaters, concert halls, and sport facilities. Furthermore, it requires these businesses to allow individuals with disabilities to bring in their service animal onto their premises in areas where customers are generally allowed.

Even when a place of business has a “no pet” policy, service animals are exempt from this rule since they are not considered pets, they are working animals.


Kelly R. Los Angeles, CA

I was a little bit nervous taking my dog Sam out to the store with me thinking I would be stopped and questioned, since it’s happened before. Knowing he had proper gear from [Company Name] distinguishing him as a working dog did help to ease some of the anxiousness. We get to the store and it was a total pleasant experience! Everyone was courteous and didn’t grill me with questions as I feared. When I felt that anxious feeling creeping up on me, all I had to do was focus on Sam and slowly but surely the feeling passed and we could get on with shopping. What a relief it was to know he was there, by my side to help me. Thank you [Company Name]!!

Derrick P. Orlando, Florida

My dog Johnny-Boy is a precocious little dog and has been a true blessing in my life. I’m confined to a wheelchair and I have limited movement in my left arm and in a short amount of time (he’s really smart!) I was able to train him to help me with certain things. I was looking to move to a new place and was having a tough time finding a place that would accept Jack and me. I wised up and got him his proper gear from [Company Name] as I felt like this would help set him apart. I find a place that’s really awesome and when I go into the office I get told that “We don’t allow pets but I see Jack is your service dog so that shouldn’t be a problem” Wow, that easy, music to my ears!!! I am so thankful I got him the vest it really has made things a lot easier. Thanks so much!

Mark L. San Francisco, CA

I recently got my dog Maxi to help me with my anxiety issues. Going out of the house can sometimes seem scary and having him by my side has been so helpful! My mom lives on the other side of the country and I desperately wanted to visit her. Going for a road trip just didn’t seem like a great idea for me at the time so I decide to fly. I thought I would get more resistance to having my dog with me, but I was told as long as I had my doctor’s note and Maxi had his proper gear I would have no issues. The vest from [Company Name] fit him perfectly and I was very happy with it. When the day came to fly, albeit I was a little anxious, I presented the information and had no issues whatsoever. I was one of the few to be seated first and Maxi was with me in the cabin. It was an awesome feeling to have him by my side the entire flight. Thank you [Company Name] for giving me peace of mind!!!

About our company

For most of my life I have been dealing with anxiety issues as well as depression and it all came to a crashing halt last year when I had a total breakdown and could no longer leave the house. I fell into a deep depression and it was one of the darkest moments I can remember. I felt terrible, wanting to get on with my life but feeling like I was trapped in my own home with no one to turn to; it was a very lonely experience. Thankfully, the medications I started taking (while it took a while) started helping me to be able to get out of the fog, but I still felt weak and fragile in many ways.

My girlfriend at the time suggested I get a dog, since she had read that dogs have shown to help those in my state. I was hesitant at first, expecting the worse as usual, but something inside told me to just go for it. So we end up a local shelter and find the World’s Best Dog Ever, Stewart. He has helped in ways I can’t even describe. With his help I started looking forward to going outside to walk him and the feeling of unconditional love he has brought has been amazing. He’s there when no one else can be, by my side, day or night. Whenever I’m feeling especially down or anxious all I have to do is look to him and he helps calm me down and with some training has become a great companion.

Going into places where there are a lot of people would make me anxious and it saddened me that I couldn’t take Stewart with me everywhere I go without having to constantly explain/defend myself. I talked to my mental health professional and was able to get a prescription to use Stewart as an Emotional Support Animal. I also started doing research and found out more about what it means to have a service animal and the rights afforded to those with a mental and/or physical disability under the law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 deals with specifically the issue of discrimination and the right of any disabled American to take their service animal with them wherever they go. Under the ADA, if your disability falls under their description of a mental or physical impairment, you are allowed to bring your service animal almost anywhere you go.

It is my sincerest wish, that by using our quality vests and ID’s you can start to help educate others about the rights an owner of a service animal has.

I take Stewart everywhere I go now: grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, and stadiums. Gone are my feelings of being trapped, it’s like the whole world opened up to me! Knowing I have Stewart by my side wherever I go with the proper paperwork and gear establishing him as a service animal and not having to justify myself, has been invaluable.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We at [Company Name] thank you and hope that you let us help you have one less stress in your life.


[Company Name]

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